Board game + app design and invention. Can mobile phones be used as a creative tool for teens? Instead of being something we try and make them use less? The game raises questions, and can lead to conversations regarding identity, values, emotions, relationships, gender issues and stereotypes in a subtle yet entertaining way. All this while encouraging creativity and face to face meetings.

November 2015


I identified a need to socialize teens outside of sitting alone infront of a screen. How can we help them in talking face to face about difficult and important things? These questions were raised after talking with parents, teens and teachers. I analyzed contemporary boardgames and found very conservative content and design, in need of change.


Working with the behavior instead of against it; the combination board game and app lets teens and kids use mobile phones in a positive and creative way. Through acting out stereotypes, exchanging thoughts on values, relationships and emotions the game uses its entertainment value to raise difficult and important topics.


PictureIt helps creating social and creative meetings between young people. It also helps in starting discussions and bringing up subjects that might be difficult and/or exciting to talk about. PictureIt could be used as an educational product in schools, or at home as entertainment. The game is tested on multiple groups of various ages.