I was asked to participate in an art project together with seven other artists and designers in Växjö. This was part of a bigger project by artist Anna-Karin Arvidsson, about woman’s right to take place in urban spaces. Together we used different methods to study structures and conventions in society, working with an ice hockey arena. Vida Arena is a hockey arena where a female hockey team was replaced in favor for the male team, due to economical sponsoring from the municipality and the arena.


We made it our goal to invite the public to take place on this forbidden stage, the ice. And through just being there raise questions about what and who the municipality supports and spends their money on. We staged the arena to form an artistic manifestation where the crowd was part of the art piece it self. The red dot marks the ice like a place on a map. A place to gather, take place and maybe take a seat or lay down in the middle of the massive arena. A place where you are allowed to be on forbidden land, to be without prestige. A place were usually only matcho heroes are allowed. A place usually dedicated to fighting, male game rules and power. Before entering the ice, the crowd was asked to take of their shoes and put on a pair of red socks. This brought to mind the “redstockings” historically, but also leads the crowd to a quiet, tentative drama where they had to tread the ice and all its qualities. Cold and slippery. Through wearing only red socks on the ice, conventional rules and power relations could break down and we tried to set new rules for the game, where everyone would have similar conditions.