I'm Emelie

Designer/artist based in Malmö, Sweden, focused on graphic communication and sustainable development. I am inspired by loud music, political activism, nude cats, norm criticism, the internet and plants.

Curriculum vitae

Bachelor of arts 2014-2017

Bachelor of arts – Design for sustainable development, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. 

Design for sustainable development 2014

University Course, Design for sustainable development, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden

Interior design and decor 2012-2013

Diploma in Interior design and decor, CATC design school, Sydney, Australia

These are a few
of my favorite things

Sustainable development

Be it social, ecological or economical sustainability. I like to use design as a method for raising awareness and initiating change.

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Graphic design

Working digitally is my favorite way of telling a story, expressing an idea or communicating a message. I love working with text and images!

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Visual arts

One way or another – painting, drawing, ceramics. Since 2016 I run a small business, selling my art through different resellers and web shops. 

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Concepting and having a holistic approach to any project is one of my strengths in design. I love when the solution to a design dilemma turns out to be anything but a product.

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Critical thinking

Having a theoretical, critical based approach to most things comes natural to me. I like questioning behavior, challenging assumptions and using design to break norms.

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My design education started at CATC design school in Sydney, where I got my diploma in interior design and styling. This is where I learnt all the basics and general tools of design.

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Technical skills







Thoughts and feelings

I always..

  • do my research
  • focus on the process
  • prefer tea 
  • talk too much
  • talk too fast
  • work hard and do my best
  • hate-love-hate-love-hate-love any project
  • try to have an holistic approach
  • listen

Sustainable development is..

  • dealing with questions regarding social, economical and ecological issues.
  • not just adding this colour to everything.
  • solving problems transdiciplinary.
  • adressing social issues and the complex changes of a global culture.
  • not only sacrifices, possibilities too! 
  • getting to the core of the problem, not sweeping it under the rug,
  • politics (but not only!)
  • a necessity to us all.

I believe in..

  • questioning things
  • feminism
  • using creativity to make a change
  • cutting the crap
  • being honest
  • art
  • ghosts
  • kindness